Credit Expert
About Us
Experian is a global leader in providing information and analytical services to organisations and consumers. As South Africa’s foremost consumer credit bureau, Experian is committed to helping consumers understand, manage and protect their personal credit information.

Who is Experian?

Experian is a leading South African credit bureau, providing credit lenders with information about how you manage your credit commitments.

When you apply for a new account (using your ID number for personal identification), Experian will provide the company with your credit history information so that they can quickly see whether you repay your credit agreements responsibly. A credit bureau does not make the decision to grant you credit, but the credit report they provide will assist the lending company in making a fair and consistent decision.

What information does Experian hold?
  • Account information provided by companies that offer credit, such as banks, retailers and utility companies
  • Public information from the South African courts on civil judgments, sequestrations and administration orders
Is it all bad?

The information stored by a credit bureau is a combination of both positive and negative information. In fact, about 87% of information held by Experian is positive information. A positive credit report will not only help you obtain credit, it will assist you in negotiating better interest rates on your accounts.

Am I on a ‘blacklist’?

No. Experian does not hold a blacklist. If you have or have had any credit accounts you will have a credit report. Experian provides information about your credit history and does not offer opinions about whether you are likely to repay credit. Lenders make decisions using all of the information they have available to them.