Credit Expert
How CreditExpert works

As a consumer, you should know as much about yourself as any financial institution does. CreditExpert shows you what a lender sees. If you are looking for credit, CreditExpert allows you to check your credit report to ensure that it accurately reflects your financial position. CreditExpert allows you to check your credit report online, as often as you want.

Obtain your Free credit report from CreditExpert

CreditExpert is the online credit monitoring and identity fraud protection service from Experian, one of South Africa's largest credit bureaus.

Lenders see your credit report when they decide whether to give you credit such as a personal loan, home loan or credit card. You should check it regularly to ensure it is up to date and reflects your credit track record accurately. This will help you to make better-informed decisions when you apply for credit. It willl also help you identify if you are a victim of identity theft, one of South Africa's fastest growing crimes.

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